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Jinho 9 – Blind Op Zoek

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Belgian singer Jinho 9’s journey took an exciting turn after the release of his single ‘Interessant‘ in collaboration with Bizzey, KATNUF, and Jeriel during the summer of ’22. As the song ‘Blind op Zoek (Trapagas)‘ started gaining traction on TikTok, Jinho 9 caught the attention of Warner Music Benelux, who signed him to their imprint Atlantic Records Benelux in August ’22, paving the way for his next big step in the industry.

Once the deal was sealed, the focus shifted towards shaping Jinho 9’s artist identity and capitalizing on the potential of digital marketing through TikTok. Even before its official release, ‘Blind Op Zoek (Trapagas)‘ had already amassed a staggering 30 million views on TikTok, with over 20,000 user-generated creations. The anticipation surrounding the song was palpable, hinting at the success that lay ahead.

Finally, on the 30th of September ’22, ‘Blind Op Zoek (Trapagas)‘ made its debut on global streaming platforms, and its impact was immediate. The song burst onto the scene, securing an impressive #5 entry on the Dutch Spotify Charts. However, its journey didn’t end there. As more listeners discovered the infectious beats and captivating lyrics, the single soared to the coveted #1 spot on streaming platforms, solidifying Jinho 9’s status as a rising star.

Recognition also came in the form of an accolade from urban radio station FUNX, which named ‘Blind Op Zoek (Trapagas)‘ as DIXTE – eventually even nominating him as ‘Next Best‘ during their 2023 FUNX Awards, further propelling its popularity among music enthusiasts. The rapid ascent of the song was nothing short of remarkable, as it achieved gold certification in both The Netherlands and Belgium within a mere fifty days of its release.

This incredible success story is a testament to Jinho 9’s artistry and the power of strategic marketing. By harnessing the virality and creative potential of TikTok, Jinho 9 and our team were able to generate immense buzz and connect with a diverse audience. The platform’s ability to amplify music and foster a community of engaged fans played a pivotal role in catapulting ‘Blind Op Zoek (Trapagas)‘ to the top of the charts.

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