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SYML, an American singer and songwriter, burst onto the music scene with his debut EP ‘Hurt For Me’ in 2016, released under the Nettwerk Music Group. As a label- and marketing manager for SYML in The Netherlands during my tenure at V2 Records Benelux, I had the privilege of being involved in his career, which quickly gained momentum in Holland.

One of SYML’s most significant breakthroughs came with the release of his single ‘Where’s My Love’ in the spring of 2017. Although it initially took some time to gain traction, it eventually skyrocketed to success. Through extensive efforts to promote the song on radio, we achieved a major milestone when NPO Radio 3FM, a prominent Dutch radio station, named it their ‘Megahit‘ in October of that year. This partnership with NPO Radio 3FM proved to be crucial in establishing SYML’s presence in the Benelux region. The popularity of ‘Where’s My Love‘ grew steadily, eventually achieving gold certification and later platinum status in The Netherlands, solidifying its status as an indie classic.

In 2019, as SYML was set to perform at the renowned Pinkpop Festival, we devised a unique competition to engage his fans. We offered listeners of the radio station a chance to win the opportunity to be SYML’s ‘roady for a day.’ This exciting prize included two tickets to Pinkpop and the opportunity to hang out with SYML and his crew. This competition not only generated buzz and excitement among fans but also provided us with an excellent opportunity to market and promote SYML’s new single, ‘Clean Eyes.’ Like its predecessor, ‘Clean Eyes‘ was selected as the powerplay on NPO Radio 3FM, further boosting its exposure and solidifying SYML’s presence in the Benelux music scene.

As SYML’s label- and marketing manager, I had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand the impact of his music on the Dutch audience. His unique sound and emotionally captivating lyrics resonated with listeners, propelling him to success. The combination of strategic radio promotions, such as securing powerplay status on NPO Radio 3FM, and innovative fan engagement initiatives like the Pinkpop competition played a crucial role in expanding SYML’s fan base and establishing a strong presence in the Benelux region.

SYML’s journey in Holland serves as a testament to the power of effective marketing and partnerships within the music industry. By capitalizing on the exposure provided by influential radio stations and creating interactive experiences for fans, SYML’s music gained widespread recognition, culminating in gold and platinum certifications for his breakout hit, ‘Where’s My Love.’ It is through these strategic efforts and the unwavering support of dedicated fans that SYML was able to carve his path to success in the Benelux music scene.



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