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Ziggy Marley – Rebellion Rises

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During my time at V2 Records Benelux, I had the honor of managing the prestigious Tuff Gong World Wide label in Europe. This label holds a rich musical heritage, rooted in the legendary Bob Marley, and boasts renowned artists such as multi-Grammy Award-winning singer Ziggy Marley and the talented Rita Marley.

One of the highlights was the release of Ziggy Marley’s album, ‘Rebellion Rises,’ in 2018. As part of the album’s promotional campaign, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Dutch painter Jasper Krabbé, son of the well-known actor Jeroen Krabbé. We discovered that Jasper was a devoted fan of Ziggy’s work, but did not possess tickets for Ziggy’s highly anticipated show at Paradiso Amsterdam.

Inspired by this revelation, I orchestrated a collaboration between Jasper and Ziggy. The objective was to have Jasper create a portrait of Ziggy Marley, which we would then present to the singer during his Amsterdam performance. Jasper’s artistic talent shone through as he crafted a remarkable masterpiece spanning approximately 4 square meters, capturing the essence of Ziggy Marley’s spirit and musicality. The collaboration garnered significant attention, leading to an extensive feature article in the esteemed newspaper HP De Tijd. The article not only highlighted the artistic process behind the portrait but also celebrated the fusion of visual arts and music. Furthermore, a photo shoot documenting the handover of the portrait was published in Playboy Magazine, further amplifying the collaboration’s impact and reaching a wider audience. This painting is currently located in Ziggy’s home in Los Angeles.

In addition to the artistic collaboration with Jasper Krabbé, we joined forces with the popular radio station Sublime to organize a remarkable event for Ziggy Marley’s fans. The event provided listeners of the station with the opportunity to win exclusive access to a special concert in Amsterdam, where Ziggy would perform songs from his new album, ‘Rebellion Rises.’ The response from fans was overwhelming, as they eagerly participated for a chance to witness Ziggy’s captivating live performance. This event proved to be a resounding success, further building anticipation and excitement surrounding the release of Ziggy Marley’s album.

Furthermore, we approached Dutch rapper Sevn Alias to create a remix of the song ‘Circle of Peace‘ from the ‘Rebellion Rises’ album. This collaboration aimed to bring a fresh perspective to the song and expand its reach to new audiences. To promote the remix, we launched a pre-save campaign on Spotify in collaboration with Marley Speakers. This collaboration not only enabled us to generate buzz around the remix but also allowed us to conduct a giveaway of some of the exceptional Marley Speakers, further engaging and rewarding fans.

Throughout these endeavors, we not only promoted Ziggy Marley’s music but also established unique collaborations, bridging the worlds of visual arts, radio, and rap. This created meaningful experiences for fans and facilitated connections between artists and their audiences.

Working on the release of Ziggy Marley’s album ‘Rebellion Rises’ was an incredibly fulfilling experience. It showcased the power of collaboration, innovation, and creative marketing in the music industry. Through the collaborations with Jasper Krabbé, Sublime radio station, and Sevn Alias, we expanded the reach of Ziggy Marley’s music, engaged fans in novel ways, and celebrated the legacy of the Marley family. It is through such ventures that the industry continues to evolve and captivate audiences, pushing the boundaries of creativity and fostering an environment where artistry thrives.




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